Steve Kinney is an educator and software engineer based in Denver, Colorado. He is a senior front end engineer at SendGrid where he works on building sophisticated user interfaces for their web-based, drag-and-and-drop editor as well as a interactive code editor for their Marketing Campaigns product. Prior to SendGrid, Steve was on founding team for the back end engineering program and the founding director of the front end engineering program at the Turing School of Software and Design—a non-profit, seven-month developer training program that turns smart, passionate people into skilled software engineers. The curriculum he wrote is open source and covers web foundations (e.g. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) before moving on to modern client-side technologies such as React, Redux, Node.js, Ember, Electron, React Native, and more. In this role, he has taught over 150 developers who now work around the world.

Steve is also the author of Electron in Action , which is currently in production with Manning Publications. He is an instructor at Frontend Masters, where is has taught courses on Electron, React, Firebase, and Progressive Web Applications. These courses have been viewed live-streamed around the world and continue to be watched by hundreds of developers every month.

He is the organizer of DinosaurJS, an open web conference in Denver—which is part of the JSConf Family of Conferences. He has travelled the world speaking at conferences such as JSConf US, JSConf EU, JSConf Colombia, RailsConf, Fluent, EmberConf, Node Interactive, EmpireNode, Thunder Plains, NationJS, and more.

In a previous life, Steve was a New York City public school teacher. He taught special education and web development in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. He currently lives in Denver with his wonderful wife and rambunctious five-year-old.

I'm currently working on a book for Manning Publications on building cross-platform, desktop applications using web technologies.You can read the first chapter for free or buy the book here.