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Actually Understanding Asynchronous JavaScript

Reasoning about asynchronous code can be hard if you don’t understand the mechanics. It often trips up programmers with deep experience in other languages when they try their hand at client or server-side JavaScript. But, asynchronous JavaScript isn’t as hard as it seems once you learn a few simple rules about how it works. In this talk, we’ll dive into the mechanics of concepts that you might have had a chance to full grok.

Let’s dispel this confusion once and for all. We’ll explore some metaphors that illustrate the difference between how synchronous and asynchronous code execute. We’ll dive into essential concepts like the call stack and the event loop to build a solid conceptual understanding of how the asynchronous model is implemented. Finally, we’ll take a good hard look at a number of common patterns for writing asynchronous code in JavaScript. We’ll start with the listening for events on XMLHttpRequest and build callback and promise APIs on top on it.

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