DenverScript, April 2015

ES6/2015 and the Standardization Process

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Like HTML5, JavaScript is moving from big bang releases every few years to a living standards—constantly iterating forward. Many of us are familiar with the previous iterations of JavaScript: ES3, ES5, and the upcoming ES6. ES2015 represents a new approach to the standardization process. We'll talk briefly about the process from initial spike to polyfill to shipped.

New features are constantly shipping, but we'll actually discuss how you can use features from the future in your JavaScript applications today using Babel and Google Traceur. 

In this session, we'll cover the following new features in JavaScript:

  • New variable scoping: `let` and `const` 
  • String interpolation 
  • Arrow functions 
  • Symbols and generators  
  • Classes and inheritance 
  • ES7 asynchronous functions 
  • Enhanced object literals 
  • Modules 
  • Proxies 
  • Array and generator comprehensions
April 23
RailsConf 2015