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Building Desktop Applications with Electron and Node

In this talk, we’ll use Node to build cross-platform desktop applications that are free from the constraints of traditional web applications. We’ll use Github’s Electron project to create a simple note taking application that sits in your menu bar, waiting patiently to be invoked. Our application will have complete access to the file system and be able to store our notes as plain text files that can be easily backed up or synced. Along the way, we’ll explore some additional features and capabilities as well as how to use leverage all of npm when building a variety of rich desktop applications.

There are a few big goals for this talk. The first is to give any Node/JavaScript developer who has been interested in using Electron and/or NW.js the tools to do so and allow them to feel like “Yea, I can totally do this.” The second goal, is to emphasize how awesome it is to have all of npm at your disposal when building applications for the desktop.

Earlier Event: June 25
Later Event: November 13